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ENS MAXIS - We're better than yo mama and godaddy

We just buy shit that may not sell like BullishOnSolana.eth

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The very first PFP collection for the ENS community is now here!




This will be a 10,000 piece collection. The team will reserve 1,000 Maxis for our hard work. A portion of the 1,000 Maxis will be placed in a treasury for giveaways across select ENS communities.


When you purchase an ENS Maxis NFT, you own the underlying ENS Maxis NFT. View the terms and conditions for further details.


The only socials we have is twitter.

Please do not fall victim to scams.

Twitter: @ENSMaxisNFT

No road map so pay some damn attention to these 3 steps:

ENS Maxis is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Your ENS Maxi is a digital identity that gives you a new way to express your love for the ambitious technology of ENS.


It's an identity that builds on your existing ENS domain digital identity and serves as a visual beacon for other ENS lovers to identify you as part of their community.


Each ENS Maxi is programmatically generated from over 230 possible traits to create an NFT that is genuinely unique and expressive of the various sub-communities of ENS.


Initially, anybody with an Ethereum wallet could mint them for free, but demand snowballed, and all 10,000 ENS Maxis were claimed very quickly. However no need to worry. To join in on the fun, you can purchase an ENS Maxi on a secondary market such as OpenSea.

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